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A very nice and welcoming place. The management is very supportive and they try their best to make the tenants feel safe. The environment is very clean and everything runs... read more

Nafis A.

Amazing place to live! The landlords are all very sweet and wonderful and there is an enormous amount of space with great amenities! The pool and gym are newly renovated... read more

Jaffer M.

I don't know y people expect not to encounter homeless people. They are 95 percent nicer than y'all.
U would do exactly what they are if u were homeless and...
read more

Kimsue K.

Hi, We have lived in Garden Towers for almost 6 years. The only reason we left the place for our growing family. i would highly recommend the garden towers. The... read more

Muhammad I.
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Garden Towers
909 7th Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta T2P 1A6
1215 Apartments