Would you agree that rental apartments in SW Calgary are great for transit and amenities?

Calgary is the best Canadian city to drive in, according to a global ranking system devised by a German auto parts retailer.

The rankings come from kfzteile24, which evaluated 100 major cities worldwide, including five in Canada.

Calgary ranked 10th overall, just behind Munich, Germany, and just ahead of Bern, Switzerland.

Montreal ranked 13th followed by Toronto at 14th, while Ottawa came in at 22nd and Vancouver at 48th.
(CBC news)

The LRT works great for transit if you live in a rental apartment in SW Calgary and work in downtown Calgary or at any of the educational insitutions but it does not work well for the fringes and offers no connection to the airport.

Shopping, restaurants and a host of other great infrastructure serves the downtown well. You don’t need a car to get essentials if you live in a rental apartment in downtown Calgary.