Wanted: On-Call General Maintenance Contractor – Calgary, Alberta

We are seeking an on-call General Maintenance Contractor to join our team. Handle day to day maintenance emergencies such as minor water leaks and other emergent situations that may arise. Must demonstrate strong work ethic, reliability and time management. RESPONSIBILITIES Including but not limited to: Responding to maintenance calls from tenants, resolving the issue in a timely manner, and communicating all findings to the Property Manager. Maintenance emergencies may occur at any time of the day or night, and maintenance personnel are…

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Being proactive to fix problems – would love to hear from you

We will be coming through your unit in the next month to check for leaky toilets, faucets, and tubs. We will also make sure your zone valve and thermostat are working properly. You can help us by letting us know ahead of time of any issues in your units.  Please help us to help you. You can create work orders online by using this link or if you would rather just email us please do so at We…

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Tenant Newsletter – Fall 2018

CONTACT INFORMATION MAIN OFFICE: (403) 262-9711 For any of your apartment living concerns during hours of operation: Monday 8:00am to 4:00 pm, Tuesday to Friday 8:00am to 6:00pm and Saturday 10:00am to 6:00pm. EMAIL: For any questions or concerns. AFTER HOURS EMERGENCIES: 403-371-2249 To mitigate damages to the unit, please contact our after hours line to report FIRE, SEWER BACK UP, FLOOD, HEATING ISSUES, GAS SMELLS, ELEVATOR MALFUNCTIONS AND ANY POWER OUTAGES. SECURITY We kindly ask all resident to…

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Renting in downtown Calgary as an investment strategy.

This article today in the Globe and Mail highlighted the strategy of many investors to rent rather than save.  Renting in downtown Calgary is becoming increasingly popular among millennials.  They are close to work while saving because rent is cheaper than the costs involved with a purchase.  

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Millennials are renting in downtown Calgary to save money

Renting in downtown Calgary is a strategy which millennials use to save money. The difference between owning a residence and renting is put into their RRSPs and TFSAs.  They rent in prime locations downtown close to work and they find the difference between their rent and the costs associated with owning a home are sufficient to fund their savings. Read more here

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Calgary’s skyline is attraction international attention from Architects

Calgarians who have to live and work in the city and choose from a myriad of housing and rental apartment or condo option probably don’t notice how the city’s skyline is changing.  Visitors, though, are amazed by the shift both in urban density and design.  Calgary is evolving rapidly.  Its exciting and bodes well for a future that offers exciting opportunities for those involved in design, architecture and city planning.  If you are looking for a place to rent it…

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CREB on Calgary housing and economy

If you are wondering how the various impacts (stress test, interest rate increases, discount on Alberta’s oil price, slow increase in jobs) are going to effect Calgary Housing I would strongly recommend that you read the latest CREB report. A lot of research has gone into writing the report and even if you do not agree with the conclusions you will come away much more informed. The conclusion is that, barring any unprecedented event, its slow and steady for the economy…

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